How it began

Quite a few members of the creative class carry around a webcomic, in their melancholia-soaked luggage of unfinished projects. Or two. Or three. Fully appropriate for a) the digital medium, b) the generally short attention span and c) contemporary forms of quick & self-publication. So were – and are – Heyer and Vogl.

But few put their asses in motion. Therefore, one morning after another one-could-one-should evening session, Ms. Heyer put Watteau’s Gilles on paper and created ›What Remains‹, still without speech bubbles, but already featuring Merkel & excrement. A figure, a direction, a beginning.

How we work

New releases are planned weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The collaboration on the Pierrot comics is divided into different tasks & responsibilites:

.1. Ms. Heyer has the final say in graphic design.

.2. Mr. Vogl is supreme authority for words & ideas. Eh.

.7 At times Ms. Heyer provides a sequence of panels which Vogl fills with topics and phrases.

.4. At times Mr. Vogl gives mono- & dialogues which Ms. Heyer pours into pictures & scenes.

.3. At times Mr. Vogl steals from the various political, scientific & artistic disciplines, and Ms. Heyer from art history. Citations are stated.

.5. At times, Ms. Heyer captures her surroundings with a drawing pen or tablet.

.6. Mr. Vogl takes everything terribly accurately, the lazy pig.

.9. Some panel sequences are cast in series through reuse.

.99. Some stories are stretched over several panel sequences.

.8. Ms. Heyer constantly anarchizes turmoilingly while kicking lazy ass.

.0. Despite all making & taking of sense, everything remains futile.

How it will end

960 years from now, the lights will fade inevitably for Gilles & Djil: our highest number for a comic strip is 99999.

How it will continue

Gilles will have dinner with Dave Bowman and also knock over a glass, exactly as he will have dreamed of it in episode 02001.